Meet the DiVirgilio “Family”

Our expertise is based on a well-trained, experienced professional staff and a serious conscientious attitude toward our clients. Which makes us well-qualified to provide for your insurance needs — from summer cottages to corporate headquarters, from compact cars to private jets.

Call DiVirgilio Insurance and enter any of the following extension numbers to reach your customer service representative. Or, submit them an email message.

Al DiVirgilio

781-592-5220 ext. 112

Brian Thomas – President

781-592-5220 ext. 101

Matthew DiVirgilio – President

781-592-5220 ext. 102

Mike Conlon –Vice President Commercial Lines

781-592-5220 ext. 106

Dan Richard – Assistant Vice President Commercial Lines

781-592-5220 ext.107

Evelyn Marcotte – Office Manager Personal Lines

781-592-5220 ext. 108

Jessica Rollins – Account Executive Personal Lines

781-592-5220 ext. 113

Amanda Sequeira- Account Executive Personal Lines

781-592-5220 ext. 110

Greg Patnod – Account Executive Personal Lines

781-592-5220 ext. 115

Brendan Crighton- Vice President Personal Lines

781-592-5220 ext. 105

Kevin McNelly  – Vice President Group Benefits


Tracy Daddario- Group Benefits Coordinator

781-592-5220 ext. 103

Despina Phelps – Client Services Manager

781-592-5220 ext. 104

Jessica Loughnane – Financial Services Manager

781-592-5220 ext. 114